Thursday, April 25, 2013

Make your own Make-up Removing Wipes

Wow, I haven't written a post in so long, I've missed writing! Recently I've discovered the blog Wellness Mama. I love all the health tips and natural, green beauty tips. One of the blog posts covered making natural baby wipes. Some of the other posts cover natural alternatives to retail cosmetics. What really caught my eye was the post on the baby wipes. Mainly it's because the wipes could be made in other variations for all purpose hand wipes too! This led me to experiment in making my own make-up removing wipes.

All About Hair Post:L.A. Hold Hair Spritz by Giovanni, Pure-Formance Men Grooming Clay by Aveda

First Off, I will review L.A. Hold Hair Spritz which is a hairspray made by Giovanni with essential oils and is low in alcohol. It claims to be maximum hold.

Pros: Essential oils keep hair healthier & moisturized, it isn't as drying as most hair sprays whose main ingredient is alcohol.

Cons: I doubt this maximum hold business, it is more like medium at best. It takes far too long to dry so it tends to overly dampen hair and even when sprayed at a distance, the nozzle doesn't give a fine mist. It says to layer for stronger hold. I think a finishing spray should have a finer mist, as I know this spray is not a workable hairspray. I don't recommend it.

Pure-Formance Grooming Clay by Aveda is part of Aveda's new Pure-Formance Men line. It was developed for men's styling and cleansing needs and shorter styles. However, like all Aveda products, it can be used by women or men without any harm. I like it because it is one of the brand's stronger hold styling aids outside of gel or hairspray. It is best on short or medium hair length-men's standards not women's standards for hairlength.

Pros: It gives great texture and a matte finish, with no shine enhancers. In my opinion, when i want texture, I don't need high shine. This heavier, thicker product with clay is basically a pomade that is drier in consistency. It gives decent volume when worked into the roots (of coarse hair) and mussed. Add little by little and work to your desired style. Excellent for those modern piecey looks, which is how I am currently wearing my hair and why I am using a men's product because I don't want a soft look.

Cons: No shine, so if you require shine, you won't find any here. Not as strong of a hold as a grooming clay with a high chemical content might ie. Bumble & Bumble Sumotech.